Nappy And Happy is a premium organic and vegan bath and body brand, specializing in artisanal products infused with exotic butters and oils.

Vegan Organic Soap
Vegan Organic Souffle's
Gift Sets
Gift Sets
Body Spray
Body spray for men and women
Hempseed and CBD Oil Lotion
Vegan Nail Polish
Handmade Vegan Nail Polish
Sugar Scrubs
Vegan Organic Sugar Scrubs
Bath Bombs
Vegan Organic Bath Bombs
Bath Salts
Vegan Organic Bath Salts
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Algeria P. ~ Orlando, FL

My first indication that I would be satisfied was that I could smell the goodness before the box was opened. I was not disappointed at all and will definitely order again. I also felt it was very reasonably priced.

Netra L. ~ Desoto, TX

My husband bought me an early Mother’s Day gift and it included the bath bombs, body wash, bath soap, body soufflé... The soap smells awesome and lasts all day.. The soufflé keeps your skin soft and moisturized all day and the Bath Bombs are the TRUTH.. skin soooo soft and smooth.. I definitely recommend all her products.

Sonya C. ~ Dallas, TX

So far I have purchased the body and hair souffle and the body scrub.... I was delightfully happy with both and have purchased another souffle. She also has vegan nail polish and bath bombs... gonna try those next.

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