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About Us


What makes us different?

At Nappy And Happy, we pride ourselves on only sourcing the finest certified organic ingredients for our organic products. 

“Certified Organic” – this means that all ingredients contained are 100% organic.  

“Organic” – this means that only 70% of the ingredients are actually organic.  The other 30% is not. 

4 Ingredients...or less

Excluding additives, such as lavender buds, fragrances, and essential oils for example, most of our organic products contain 4 ingredients or less.

Family oriented and community minded

We invest in YOU! Without you, there would be no us.  That's why we pledge to give back 10% of our quarterly earnings to various charities and community organizations.

Serenity and relaxation

Our sources are:

Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Cruelty Free
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