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Experience Life Beyond Shea Butter...


We love Shea butter and coconut oil. For some, they are essential components of skin and hair care regimens. However, many people are allergic to one or both, or they just don’t work for the purposes intended. With this in mind, we have added ultra-nourishing, natural, organic alternatives to Shea butter and coconut oil such as, Cupuacu butter and Pracaxi oil.
Try something new like our Cupuacu Souffle, and “Experience Life Beyond Shea Butter”.

Our sources are:

Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Cruelty Free

*Chemical and Preservative FREE

*No Parabens, Sulfates, or Pthalates

What makes us different?


4 Ingredients...or less

Excluding additives, such as lavender buds, fragrances, and essential oils for example, most of our organic products contain 4 ingredients or less.

Family oriented and community minded

We invest in YOU! Without you, there would be no us.  That's why we give our time and a portion of our sales to various charities and community organizations.

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